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Psychiatric Disorders


Somatization Disorder



Somatoform Disorders



The exact cause of this disorder is unknown. Research has shown some evidence for genetic as well as environmental factors may play a role.



Includes a history of physical complaints prior to age 30 which occur over a period of several years. There must be a significant impairment in functioning or a history of resulting medical treatment. After appropriate assessment by a physician, there is a lack of explanation for the reported symptoms or for at least the severity of the complaints.



Treatment typically includes long term therapy. The involvement of a single physician is important as a history of seeking medical attention and ‘doctor shopping’ is common.



Is typically a chronic condition with a variable course. Individuals with this disorder do not experience any significant difference in mortality rate or significant illness.



The information provided on this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient, site visitor, or student and his/her existing psychologist, mental health provider or college instructor.

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