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Chapter 8: Social Psychology

Section 1: Introduction to Social Psychology

Section 2: Our View of Self and Others

Section 3: Obedience and Power

Section 4: The Role of Groups



Introduction to Social Psychology


Everybody has heard of peer pressure, but most people argue that they are not affected by it, or at least not affected as 'most people.'  The truth is, we are all affected by the people we interact with, many of whom we don't even know personally.  Our social environments play a significant role in how we view ourselves, and conversely, how we see ourselves impacts our view of the world.


This chapter will discuss the various aspects of social psychology and the role these play in our everyday lives.  We will emphasize the interaction between our view of self and others, the role of power in social interactions, and how groups, or the people with whom we interact, affect our decision making process.




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