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Well-Being and the Five ‘Happy’ Lives

This article is part of the course THRIVE 103: Activating Strengths in Pursuit of Well-Being Jump to Course Well-Being and The PERMA Model Seligman (2011) argues that well-being is enhanced through thriving ...
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Brief History of Positive Psychology (Part 1)

This article is part of the course THRIVE 101: Positive Psychology History and Introduction Jump to Course It Didn't Start Off Very Positive I could not think of a better or more ...
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Good Sex and Good Friendships Make People Happier With Being Single

If you’re single, you’re certainly not alone. The US is in the middle of an ongoing shift toward one-person households. As I’ve written about before, single people commonly cite a variety of ...
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Sleep and Resilience Can Form a Virtuous Cycle for Teens

Resilience, or being able to bounce back from adverse events, is a useful skill to have – if we didn’t already know that, 2020 has certainly driven the point home! Psychologists know ...
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Helping Others Makes Toddlers Happy

A finding that comes up again and again in psychology research is that people feel better when they take prosocial actions, which is why helping others is one of the best ways ...
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Optimists Sleep Better at Night

Do you ever wake up in the night and worry about what the future might hold? Well, if you’re an optimist, maybe not. A new study published in the Journal of Sleep ...
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The Psychology of Finding the Silver Lining

Finding something good in a bad situation is a common way of coping with adversity, as can be seen when we talk about clouds, silver linings, and the like. It’s also a ...
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The Advantages of Unrealistic Optimism

Having a realistic view of the world might be overrated. One of the first psychology papers to explicitly make that case was published in 1988 by Shelley Taylor and Jonathon Brown, under ...
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Is Compassion the Key to Enjoying Sad Music?

A question that often comes up in music psychology is why so many people enjoy music that recalls negative emotions like sadness. It seems paradoxical that people would seek out and apparently ...
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Writing Therapy to Develop “Good” Rumination

Repetitively turning over negative thoughts, or ruminating, is a behavior that has been explored as a target for therapy in conditions like depression. After all, it’s not hard to imagine that getting ...
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