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Your Life (How People are Affected by Various Life Events)

Synopsis: We are investigating ways in which different kinds of people are affected by various life events. We are interested in knowing about your views on life, and how events in different areas of your life have affected you in the past two years.
Researcher: Andrew Armstrong, B.A. (Doctoral Candidate in Counseling Psychology)
Advisor: Dr. Roslyn Galligan


Swinburne University

Melbourne, Australia

This Project has been Completed.

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Regret and Reminiscence in Adults

Synopsis: The purpose of this research is to gain a better understanding about how adults of all ages use reminiscence to manage regrets. If you decide to participate, procedures will be as follows: you will be given a series of questions to answer about general demographic information, past regrets, reminiscence, and life satisfaction. You will be asked to type your answers in an online survey form that does not identify participants in any way.
Researcher: Heather Hinton, B.A. (Doctoral Candidate in Developmental Psychology)
Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Tubman
Affiliation: Florida International University

This Project has been Completed.

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