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AllPsych – Psychology Online

AllPsych is one of the largest and most comprehensive psychology websites, referenced by hundreds of colleges and universities around the world.


Online Psychology Textbooks

Free online psychology textbook synopses, including general psychology, personality, statistics, and research methods.

Psychiatric Disorders

Symptoms, etiology, treatment and prognosis for over 50 of the most common disorders (as listed in the DSM IV).  You may first want to review some Diagnosis Facts or be looking for the alphabetical Index of all disorders.

Online Psychology Tests & Quizzes

Psychology Information tests, self-help quizzes, and diagnostic screening.

Psychology Reference Section

The complete psychology reference section. Includes a 500+ word psychology dictionary, biographies of famous psychologists, an extended timeline of psychology history, recommended books, and more.

Fun & Games

Just for fun, online games to test your concentration, analytical skills, coordination, and more.  Plus ten crossword puzzles to test your knowledge of psychology.

Careers & Education in Psychology

Information on APA approved graduate programs and career information.

AllPsych Journal

Articles on important psychology topics in the real world.