Privacy Policy

AllPsych never sells, trades, or otherwise distributes any personal information regarding members. Member names, courses, and activity related to continuing education are kept confidential and encrypted.

In accordance with accepted academic standards for continuing education, AllPsych maintains a record of all learners and completed coursework, including learner names, learner ID, and the course number, title, description, credits, and dates of all completed coursework. This information is backed up on a regular basis, and maintained for a minimum of three years post course completion for every learner.

Per the Member Policy and Informed Consent, activity of logged in members may be used in aggregate form (combined data without identifiable information) for quality improvement and research purposes.

Grievance Policy

AllPsych is fully committed to conducting all activities in strict conformance with the American Psychological Association’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists. AllPsych will comply with all legal and ethical responsibilities to be non-discriminatory in promotional activities, learning content and in the treatment of site visitors and members.

If you have a grievance and expect action, contact us at .

What is the Member Agreement?

Your responses to items on are entirely voluntary and will be used anonymously in ongoing research. You can take courses, respond to posts, and interact fully on this site if you agree to this. You can contact us by clicking the Help link at the top of any page.

How do I register as a Member?

Membership at AllPsych is both free and confidential. Membership is not required but it enhances your experience by opening up activities, discussion, and research. To become a member:

        1. Click "My Account" on the top of any page OR click "Login or Register on the right or bottom bar OR click on "Login to Enroll" on any AllPsych course.
        2. Complete the required fields. Keep in mind that your screen name will be visible to others. No other information is public so we ask you to complete both the required fields as well as the optional ones. Your first and last name will be printed on your Completion Certificates.
        3. Mark the box indicating that you agree with the Member Policy and Informed Consent.
        4. Click the Register link. You will receive a Welcome Email from AllPsych.  If you do not receive this email, please make sure your email address is correct on your My Account page. We will use that email address for all correspondence.

How do I edit my account information?

You can edit your account information or add other account data at any time by clicking the My Account link at the top of any page. If you are not logged in, you will be required to do so in order to edit your information. Once at your My Account page, you can edit your information by using the links provided.

How do I reset my password?

Lost passwords can be reset via the email address you used when you registered.  To reset your password, click on the Lost Your Password link on the My Account Page OR click on any link used to register and then click the "Lost Your Password" link. 

What is the Pro Member Code of Conduct?

    1. You are expected to adhere to the Ethical Principles of the American Psychological Association as well as to the ethical principles and/or standards of your professional association, if different.
    2. You are expected to be honest and truthful in all interactions with AllPsych and to do nothing to compromise your own or the learning experiences of others. This includes the expectation that you will not share your account information with others or allow others to assist when responding to course assessments and that you will maintain the security and integrity of tests.


  1. You are responsible for verifying that courses taken at AllPsych meet the licensure requirements in your state.  An unofficial summary and links to state requirements can be found on the CE Requirements by State page.

Where do I find course information (syllabus) and materials?

When on the course page for any course, click on "Course" (default) beneath the course progress bar to see the course syllabus. Click on "Materials" next to the Course link to view or link to external course materials (if any). Internal course material is automatically embedded into the course lessons. 

How do I register for a course?

When viewing a course page, click on the blue "Take this Course" button. You will be enrolled in the course and will have instant access to all course materials, lessons, and assessments. Enrolling in courses requires a logged in account.

How do I complete the Course Assessments?

Course Assessments are included for every course to measure learner knowledge and skill and to gain learner feedback. In order to receive credit (for PRO Courses only), you must register for the course and complete both a course quiz (earning 80% or greater per APA standards) and a Learner Survey (or course satisfaction survey). In order to receive a certificate for any course, you will need to complete all course lessons and assessments. 

How do I access my Completion Certificates?

After all course requirements are met, Completion Certificates are available through both the course page and your My Account page by expanding all your courses and clicking on the icon.

What is continuing education?

All of the learning experiences that we offer for credit to psychologists and related mental and behavioral health professionals through AllPsych PRO are intended to build upon a completed graduate program. We adopt the American Psychological Association’s definition of continuing education for psychologists as “an ongoing process consisting of formal learning activities that (1) are relevant to psychological practice, education, and/or science; (2) enable psychologists to keep pace with the most current scientific evidence regarding assessment, prevention, intervention, and/or education, as well as important relevant legal, statutory, leadership, or regulatory issues; and (3) allow psychologists to maintain, develop, and increase competencies in order to improve services to the public and enhance contributions to the profession.”

Is AllPsych accredited?

APA Approved SponsorCustom Continuing Education, LLC (DBA AllPsych) is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Custom Continuing Education, LLC maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

Only AllPsych PRO courses, developed specifically for post-graduate continuing education, fall under this accreditation. AllPsych THRIVE courses are offered to the general population and do not receive credit and are not covered under this accreditation.

Information about psychology continuing education for each state can be found on the CE Requirements by State page. More information about APA sponsorship can be found at

Commercial Support Policy

AllPsych does not accept commercial support for any of its educational programming.