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AllPsych History

The roots of AllPsych go back to 1992 when Dr. Chris Heffner, as a graduate student in psychology, started a small website to assist with data collection for research purposes and dissemination of academic material. The site began to grow as the Internet became more widely used and soon we were getting requests for information in many different areas of psychology and mental health. As such, new articles and features were added to the site over the years. In the summer of 1999 the move to redefine the mission and goals of the website led to the beginning of AllPsych Online. At that time the education material was revised, new material was added, and we moved to the current location.

AllPsych has had many face lifts since 1999 and the information provided in its pages has grown ten-fold. Today AllPsych Online remains one of the most comprehensive psychology websites on the Internet with 1300+ webpages and 3000+ pages of printed material. We are referenced by universities all over the world and cited by many professional organizations and college textbooks. We are proud to offer educational material on many topics related to psychology and will continue to do our best to help students stay informed and interested in the study of psychology.

Trademark and Copyright Information

The AllPsych website is protected under copyright laws of the United States. "AllPsych" and "AllPsych Online" are trademarks of Custom Continuing Education, LLC. and are also protected under the laws of the United States and other countries.

Mission Statement

AllPsych will play a key role in the advancement of psychology and mental health through education and research via the Internet. As a service to the general public, mental health professionals, and students of psychology, we strive to provide psychology related material to help improve factual knowledge, inspire thoughtful discussion, and facilitate a unique understanding of the psychological theories, applications, and needs for research. As an educationally based organization, we will investigate new ways to stimulate learning in order to meet the needs of students and professionals alike.


AllPsych Online offers a plethora of free information and services to the World Wide Web community. Like any publication, however, the cost of business is not free. Funding for AllPsych includes affiliate programs with and Barnes and Noble as well as text based banner advertising through Google. While we avoided any type of advertising for many years, AllPsych has become one of the most popular psychology sites on the net and we therefore must find unobtrusive ways to generate enough income to pay for hosting, site maintenance, staff, and other expenses.

We strive to maintain this site in a professional manner and will never bombard our visitors with multiple banner ads on a single page, pop-up banners or web pages, and will never, ever, release the names, addresses, phone numbers, or any other visitor/customer information to any other party for any reason (See Online Security below). Please make sure to also read our disclaimer regarding online advertising on our Disclaimer page.

Online Security

AllPsych utilize the latest in encryption protection to assure our customers of safe and efficient online experience. This website uses cookies to collect data from our site visitors. No identifying information is ever collected. We do, however, collect data regarding the day and time of each visit, the domain name of the visitor (e.g.,, and some information specific to your operating system and browser (e.g., PC/Windows 98 vs. Macintosh, Explorer vs. Netscape). This information assists us in providing the best page views for our site visitors. All cookies used send information back to itself only. In other words, there are no alterations of your computer or operating system as only text based information is used.

Some pages also use cookies in the determination of quiz scores or continuation of crosswords or psychology games, since the information you enter is stored on your computer, not ours. You are free to turn off cookies and browse this or any site on the Internet. Doing so, however, may limit your experience on some pages.