Optical Illusions

If perception is reality, these images may have you questioning your own reality.  Click each image to view the full image and explanation.  Read more about perception in Psychology 101.

Optical Illusions: 3D Images

bluecube_small    chair_small    qbert_small
slinky_small    cube_small

Impossible Images

elephant_small     magnet_small    triangle_small

Images that Appear to Move

movingball_small     bluespiral_small
wheel_small     blackdot_small

Optical Illusions: Visual Comprehension

colors_small    paris_small

Geometric Images

lines_small      flowerpower_small    bowedline_small
hypno_small     squarestar_small

Visual Illusions

jesus_small     spot_small     clintongore_small
youngold_small    clinton_small    bunnyduck_small