Assuring Valid Results

  • Below is a partial list of the steps a researcher can take to assure that the study has both internal and external validity
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    1. When research is Standardized, the subjects in all groups get the same treatment under the same conditions. Without standardization, results CAN NOT be compared.
    2. The Random selection of subjects help control for any bias related to the subjects
    3. A blind study means that the subjects are not given any information regarding the study, the variables, or anticipated outcome. They are blind to the anticipated results.
    4. A double-blind study means that the experimenters are also unaware or blind to the anticipated outcome of the study.
    5. Research should always be replicated to help assure that the result of one study wasn’t merely a statistical fluke. It is usually best to replicate a study using the same procedures, different subjects, and different experimenters.