To thrive means to live your best life. Our courses will teach you how.

All of our THRIVE courses are based on the science of positive psychology with the goal of helping you thrive. They are designed to be completed quickly, usually within an hour or so, although some courses with activities may be spread out over a few days or even weeks.

THRIVE courses are designed for a general audience. There are no prerequisites and courses do not earn credit. For CE courses for health-service psychologists and other licensed mental health profesisonals, visit AllPsych Pro.


THRIVE Course 101: Positive Psychology History and Introduction

In this online text and video based course, you will learn the not so positive history of positive psychology, leading to a brief overview of the major concepts associated with positive psychology. Next you will watch a video of Martin Seligman, one of the founders of positive psychology, discussing his theory and how this new strength-based approach represents a paradigm shift in how we understand human resilience and well-being. The course ends with a discussion of the research on positive psychology and how it can help us, our families, and our communities thrive.


THRIVE Course 102: Psychological Capital or How to Be a Mental Hero

In this online text and video based course, you will learn about Psychological Capital (PsyCap) and its four components: Hope, Self-Efficacy, Resilience, and Optimism. Psychological capital in many ways is like a savings account for our well-being. Just as it is good to save money for a rainy day, it is good to build psychological capital. Together, the four components help us to both fend off and conquer obstacles and to recover faster and better after trauma. This course includes text-based, to the point articles on psychological capital and its components as well as videos of experts and real world examples of putting PsyCap into action.


THRIVE Course 103: Activating Strengths in Pursuit of Well-Being

In this online text and video based course, you will learn and apply the 24 character strengths and six virtues identified by Peterson & Seligman. Positive psychology posits that character is made up of our unique strengths - those aspects of the self that are congruent with who we are - they include the talents we were been born with, the beliefs and values we develop as we experience life, and the skills we've mastered that help us get the most out of life. In this course, you will learn the 24 character strengths and how they fit within the six virtues. You will watch the experts discuss strengths and by identifying your own top strengths, called signature strengths, you will learn how you can activate your strengths in pursuit of well-being.