AllPsych is pleased to introduce Personality Theory: An Introduction.  Personality Theory is a twelve-chapter synopsis of Personality Theory, Development, Psychopathology, Treatment and Change.

Written with both the student and professor in mind, this text is meant to supplement the education provided at the college level.  It is also aimed at facilitating learning for non-students interested in gaining knowledge about psychology and personality.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Personality Theory and Development

Chapter 2: Personality Research and Assessment

Chapter 3: Biological Components of Personality

Chapter 4: Psychoanalytic Theory

Chapter 5: Psychodynamic and Neo-Freudian Theories

Chapter 6: Psychodynamic Assessment

Chapter 7: Trait Theory

Chapter 8: Learning Theory

Chapter 9: Behavioral Theory Applications and Research

Chapter 10: Humanistic Theory

Chapter 11: Cognitive Theory

Chapter 12: Disorders, Application, and Trends