Graduate Programs in Clinical Psychology

graduateThe following Universities and Training Programs offer Doctoral Degrees in Clinical Psychology. This list is in alphabetical order and does not represent any program endorsement or accreditation status. When deciding on a graduate program in psychology, always make sure to understand their accreditation, therapeutic orientation, opportunities for research, and internship placement record.

Adelphi University (Ph.D.)

Allegheny University of the Health Sciences (Ph.D.)

American School of Professional Psychology – Hawaii Campus (Psy.D.)

American School of Professional Psychology – Virginia Campus (Psy.D.)

American University (Ph.D.)

Antioch New England (Ph.D.)

Arizona State University (Ph.D.)

Argosy University (Psy.D.)

Auburn University (Ph.D.)

Baylor University (Psy.D.)

Binghamton University/SUNY (Ph.D.)

Biola University, Rosemead School of Psychology (Ph.D.,Psy.D.)

Boston University (Ph.D.)

Bowling Green State University (Ph.D.)

Brigham Young University (Ph.D.)

California School of Professional Psychology-Alameda (Ph.D., Psy.D.)

California School of Professional Psychology-Fresno (Ph.D., Psy.D.)

California School of Professional Psychology-Los Angeles (Ph.D., Psy.D.)

California School of Professional Psychology-San Diego (Ph.D., Psy.D.)

Carlos Albizu University-Miami (Psy.D.)

Carlos Albizu University-San Juan

Carlos Albizu University-San Juan (Psy.D.)

Case Western Reserve University (Ph.D.)

Catholic University of America (Ph.D.)

Central Michigan University (Psy.D.)

Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Psy.D.)

City University of New York (Ph.D.)

Clark University (Ph.D.)

Concordia University (Ph.D.)

Dalhousie University (Ph.D.)

DePaul University (Ph.D.)

Drexel University (Ph.D.)

Duke University (Ph.D.)

Emory University (Ph.D.)

Fairleigh Dickinson University (Ph.D.)

Fielding Institute (Ph.D.)

Finch University of Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School (Ph.D.)

Florida Institute of Technology (Psy.D.)

Florida State University (Ph.D.)

Fordham University (Ph.D.)

Forest Institute of Professional Psychology (Psy.D.)

Fuller Theological Seminary (Ph.D., Psy.D.)

Gallaudet University (Ph.D.)

George Fox University (Psy.D.)

George Mason University (Ph.D.)

George Washington University (Ph.D.)

Georgia School of Professional Psychology (Psy.D.)

Georgia State University (Ph.D.)

Hofstra University (Ph.D.)

Howard University (Ph.D.)

Illinois Institute of Technology (Ph.D.)

Illinois Institute of Technology (Ph.D.)

Illinois School of Professional Psychology-Chicago (Psy.D.)

Illinois School of Professional Psychology-Meadows (Psy.D.)

Immaculata College (Psy.D.)

Indiana State University (Psy.D.)

Indiana University (Ph.D.)

Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Psy.D.)

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

James Madison University (Psy.D.)*

Kent State University (Ph.D.)

Loma Linda University (Ph.D., Psy.D.)

Long Island University (Ph.D.)

LIU/CWPost Campus (Psy.D.)

Louisiana State University (Ph.D.)

Loyola University of Chicago (Ph.D.)

Loyola College in Maryland (Psy.D.)

Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (Psy.D.)

McGill University (Ph.D.)

Miami University (Ph.D.)

Michigan State University (Ph.D.)

Minnesota School of Professional Psychology (Psy.D.)

New School for Social Research (Ph.D.)

New York University (Ph.D.)

Northern Illinois University (Ph.D.)

Northwestern University (Ph.D.)

Northwestern University Med School (Ph.D.)

Nova Southeastern University (Ph.D., Psy.D.)

Ohio State University (Ph.D.)

Ohio University (Ph.D.)

Oklahoma State University (Ph.D.)

Pacific Graduate School of Psychology (Ph.D.)

Pacific University (Psy.D.)

Pennsylvania State University (Ph.D.)

Pepperdine University (Psy.D.)

Purdue University (Ph.D.)

Queen’s University (Ph.D.)

Rutgers (Ph.D.)

Rutgers (Psy.D.)

Saint John’s University (Ph.D.)

Saint Louis University (Ph.D.)

SDSU/UCSD Joint Program (Ph.D.)

Simon Fraser University (Ph.D.)

Southern Illinois University (Ph.D.)

Spalding University (Psy.D.)

Stony Brook University/SUNY (Ph.D.)

Syracuse University (Ph.D.)

Teachers College, Columbia University (Ph.D.)

Temple University (Ph.D.)

Texas A&M University (Ph.D.)

Texas Tech University (Ph.D.)

The Wright Institute (Psy.D.)

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (Ph.D.)

University at Albany/SUNY (Ph.D.)

University at Buffalo/SUNY (Ph.D.)

University of Alabama (Ph.D.)

University of Alabama-Birmingham (Ph.D.)

University of Arizona (Ph.D.)

University of Arkansas (Ph.D.)

University of British Columbia (Ph.D.)

University of California-Berkeley (Ph.D.)

University of California-Los Angeles (Ph.D.)

University of California-Santa Barbara (Ph.D.)

University of Cincinnati (Ph.D.)

University of Colorado (Ph.D.)

University of Connecticut (Ph.D.)

University of Delaware (Ph.D.)

University of Denver (Ph.D.)

University of Denver (Psy.D.)

University of Detroit Mercy (Ph.D.)

University of Florida (Ph.D.)

University of Georgia (Ph.D.)

University of Hartford (Psy.D.)

University of Hawaii at Manoa (Ph.D.)

University of Houston (Ph.D.)

University of Illinois at Chicago (Ph.D.)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

University of Indianapolis (Psy.D.)

University of Iowa (Ph.D.)

University of Kansas (Ph.D.)

University of Kentucky (Ph.D.)

University of Louisville (Ph.D.)

University of Maine (Ph.D.)

University of Manitoba (Ph.D.)

University of Maryland-College Park (Ph.D.)

University of Maryland-Baltimore (Ph.D.)

University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Ph.D.)

University of Massachusetts-Boston (Ph.D.)

University of Miami (Ph.D.)

University of Michigan (Ph.D.)

University of Minnesota (Ph.D.)

University of Mississippi (Ph.D.)

University of Memphis (Ph.D.)

University of Missouri-Columbia (Ph.D.)

University of Missouri-Saint Louis (Ph.D.)

University of Montana (Ph.D.)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Ph.D.)

University of Nevada-Reno (Ph.D.)

University of New Mexico (Ph.D.)

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (Ph.D.)

University of North Carolina-Greensboro (Ph.D.)

University of North Dakota (Ph.D.)

University of North Texas (Ph.D.)

University of Oregon (Ph.D.)

University of Ottawa (Ph.D.)

University of Pennsylvania (Ph.D.)

University of Pennsylvania (Ph.D.)

University of Pittsburgh (Ph.D.)

University of Rhode Island (Ph.D.)

University of Rochester (Ph.D.)

University of Saskatchewan (Ph.D.)

University of South Carolina (Ph.D.)

University of South Dakota (Ph.D.)

University of South Florida (Ph.D.)

University of Southern California (Ph.D.)

University of Southern Mississippi (Ph.D.)

University of Tennessee (Ph.D.)

University of Texas-Austin (Ph.D.)

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (Ph.D.)

University of Toledo (Ph.D.)

University of Tulsa (Ph.D.)

University of Utah (Ph.D.)

University of Vermont (Ph.D.)

University of Victoria (Ph.D.)

University of Virginia at Curry

University of Virginia (Ph.D.)

University of Washington (Ph.D.)

University of Waterloo (Ph.D.)

University of Western Ontario (Ph.D.)

University of Windsor (Ph.D.)

University of Wisconsin-Madison (Ph.D.)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Ph.D.)

University of Wyoming (Ph.D.)

Utah State University (Ph.D.)

Vanderbilt (Ph.D.)

Virginia Commonwealth University (Ph.D.)

Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.)

Virginia Tech (Ph.D.)

Washington State University (Ph.D.)

Washington University (Ph.D.)

Wayne State University (Ph.D.)

West Virginia University (Ph.D.)

Western Michigan University (Ph.D.)

Wheaton College (Psy.D.)

Widener University (Psy.D.)

Wright State University (Psy.D.)

Yale University (Ph.D.)

Yeshiva University (Psy.D.)

York University (Ph.D.)