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Like Narcissistic Parent, Like Narcissistic Child?

"You have your mother’s nose, and your father’s narcissism!" For better or worse, through genes or through environment, parents pass along many things to their children. And one of those might be narcissistic traits, as highlighted in a new paper ...
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/ Narcissism, Parenting

Why Do People Watch Porn?

Of all the questions you might ask about pornography, "why do people watch it?" isn’t necessarily the first that comes to mind. That part seems relatively self-explanatory. But psychologists like to go beyond the obvious in understanding human behavior – ...
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/ Pornography, Sex, Stress

Mapping People’s Perceptions of Extreme Weather in the US

By this point, meteorologists have collected enough information to build detailed maps of weather across the United States. But a team of researchers in Oklahoma and Tennessee have suggested a new kind of map that tracks what people think the ...
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/ Behavior, Cognition

Why Do People Gild the Lily? Curiosity, Maybe

Sometimes people don’t accept "good enough," and they pursue perfection with counterproductive, or even disastrous, results. This phenomenon is so common that we have multiple sayings warning us not to fix what ain’t broke and not to gild the lily ...
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/ Curiosity

Helping Others Makes Toddlers Happy

A finding that comes up again and again in psychology research is that people feel better when they take prosocial actions, which is why helping others is one of the best ways of helping yourself. The ability to derive happiness ...
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/ Happiness, Toddlers

Therapy Can Be as Effective Online as In Person

From Zoom happy hours to remote learning, one thing most of us have discovered this year is that doing something “virtually” isn’t always as good as the real, in-person thing. But does that hold true for therapy? Even before the ...
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/ Therapy

Acceptance Can Reduce Momentary Pain

Embracing the pain might be make the pain less painful. That’s more or less the takeaway from a new study, detailed in a paper in the journal Frontiers in Psychology. In the study, researchers attached thermodes, or devices that can ...
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/ Acceptance, Pain

How to Stop Touching Your Face

Do you find your hand regularly creeping up toward your head, despite recent advice from public health experts to keep your fingers and your face firmly separated? If so, you’re not alone. Even trivial habits like touching your face can ...
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/ Behavior, Covid